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It was just after being swept by the Bruins in the 2013 ECF. Orpik came up behind Crosby, grabbed his waist and whispered in his ear "let it go, man." Sidney tried to blossom the cocoon on his upper lip into a butterfly, but it fell off and died, much like Sids hope of winning another Stanley Cup (I'm slightly drunk and didn't pay full attention to the rules)


This. is. the. best fanfiction i have ever read.

soooooo I just found out that Knighter stayed at my friend’s house a few years ago. And is friends with his sister. Like. FUCKKKKK. Dying. LOVE HER SO MUCH. He said he’d try to hook me up. dead. 

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We sort of have this stereotype that women’s hockey is that much different than men’s hockey, when really, hockey is hockey. We’re fast, we’re talented, we’re amazing athletes. And if people could sort of throw away this ‘oh, women are a little bit less skilled than the men’ notion, that would be great. Because we’re great athletic women, who are amazing role models, who are super involved in each community that we touch. It’s just… It would be nice for the entire world to sort of open up and accept that. By Hilary Knight for ESPN’s body issue (x)

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explain icing you say? icing is a skills competition. if after the game goes into over time there is no clear winner, two large cakes are brought out. each player must take turns piping rosettes on top of the cake using a single pastry bag. the winner is the first team to completely cover their cake with rosettes.

this is not to be confused with frosting which occurs only during the stanley cup playoffs. rather than go to icing, the game goes into double over time and then to the frosting competition. the players are given foil and bleach as well as a hair model. they must work together to achieve the best highlights for the model’s face shape and hair color as determined by a panel of judges (including Tyra banks.)

this is 100% True I am a hockey expert thanks.

dear tumbles,

(ps, this is what i mentally call people on tumblr). I have this wicked awesome job that I love that literally consumes my life for the next seven weeks. Expect the occasional post at best. <3 you all!!