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Hockey! We remembered how to play it!

I said it Thursday, and I’ll say it again today: We’re back. 

Our boys remembered how to play hockey against the Habs. We scored 4 solid goals (equalling ALL of our goals in earlier games this season) against our rivals. We played a solid game of hockey. What did we do tonight? GOT A SHUTOUT. 

My man Niklas Svedberg proved himself in a full game against the Sabres this evening, and finally allowed me to trust him (I have some commitment issues, and it MAY have taken me until December to trust Chad last year…). Huzzah for us. Our D kicked ass tonight, and Miller did so literally. Krug, Chara, and Douglas all scored. Carl scored. It turns out “playing like Carl” is working out pretty well for him. 

HOWEVER. I feel like we genuinely played better hockey against the Habs. 

I know. We lost. I gotcha. 

But, unless we were trying to up our PK percentage this evening, I’m not super sure what we were doing. Out of the 21 power plays on which Buffalo has failed to score this season, WE GAVE THEM 7. We literally drew 1/3 of the total penalties that Buffalo has gotten the PP for this season. Yeah, we killed them all. Which Claude didn’t look too pissed about. But as we were already missing Millsy after the first period, and then had to play a quarter of the game shorthanded, our D men looked exhausted towards the end there. 

Between the last two games though, I feel like we’ve really turned a page in our game play and I’m excited for our boys to bring it home next week. I miss our goal horn!